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Discover our golf course

Holes 1 to 9

Holes 10 to 18
Hole 1

Hole 10
Par 5 with an almost 90-degree dogleg and elevated green guarded by a bunker on the left.
Difficulty medium - high

Short par 5 with a large bunker in the drive landing area. It becomes more complicated with the second and third shots, but still represents a good opportunity for a birdie.
Difficulty medium
Hole 2

Hole 11
A long and demanding par 3 with a large bunker that surrounds the front and right side of the green
Difficulty high

A good par 3 with a slightly elevated green that requires a medium iron from the tee.
Difficulty medium - low.
Hole 3

Hole 12
A difficult par 4 that requires a precise tee shot. The shot to the complicated green requires a medium/long iron.
Difficulty high

Beautiful par 4 with the green located on a peninsula in a lake which could also represent a good opportunity for a birdie or a place for missing shots.
Difficulty medium - low.
Hole 4

Hole 13
Another demanding hole which requires a good tee shot from an elevated tee and a long/medium iron to avoid the bunkers on the right side of the green.
Difficulty high

Fairly attainable par 3 hole whose main difficulties lie in the different positions of the flag next to the lake.
Difficulty medium - low.
Hole 5

Hole 14
This short par 5 represents a good opportunity for a birdie and requires a good drive to avoid the bunker on the left side of the fairway.
Difficulty low.

A straight par 4 with a fairly wide fairway that should level out the terrain for a simple approach shot to a slightly elevated green.
Difficulty medium - low.
Hole 6

Hole 15
Straight hole that enables a sight of the green from the tee, the greatest difficulty being the bunkers surrounding the green and the possible positions of the flag.
Difficulty medium - low.

The shortest par 4 in the course that enables aggressive or conservative shots from the tee to leave room for an easy shot to the green for a birdie.
Difficulty medium.
Hole 7

Hole 16
The green of this par 3 is an island. A precise medium or short iron is needed to reach it.
Difficulty high

This par 4 hole has a slight curve to the right and requires a well-positioned drive in order to comfortably reach the green, which is guarded by a bunker in the front and on the right.
Difficulty medium.
Hole 8

Hole 17
A simple par 4 whose main difficulty is the downward slope of the green and the deep bunkers surrounding it.
Difficulty medium - low.

A straight hole in which players must avoid the fairway bunkers and the bunkers located on the sides of a wavy green.
Difficulty medium.
Hole 9

Hole 18
A long hole with a classic design and a green shaped by slopes and bunkers on the right side and a large lake on the left.
Difficulty medium - high
 A beautiful par 5 to close the course in which a good drive will enable the player to reach the green in two shots over the lake and finish with a birdie.
Difficulty medium.

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1.       OUT OF BOUNDS

Are: the fence that surrounds the course, walls, stakes and white lines painted on the ground. When a fence or wall is the out of bounds, it is considered the area closest to ground level. In the case of white stakes next to buggy paths, the stakes indicate out of bounds which is defined by the path on the closest side to the white stakes.


Marked by yellow and red stakes. If there are stakes and lines on the ground, the stakes identify a penalty area and the line marks where it commences. 

3.       DROP ZONE HOLE 7 & 13

There is a drop zone for both holes, properly signed, at aprox. 50 mts from the front of the green.


Are marked with blue stakes and/or a white line on the ground


Tarmac or manmade paths. Drainage pipes and their stone surrounding. Astro turf laid into the ground in the general area. 

6.       DISTANCES

All marked distances are to the centre of the green.

We request that you check the notice board for any possible changes in Local Rules.

With the purpose to always offer the best service to our distinguished clients, in Roda Golf we maintain a policy for rules and etiquette:

Dress Code:
Anyone visiting Roda Golf must be suitably attired on the golf course. Anyone dressed incorrectly will be asked to change or leave the golf course. In general, these standards are:

- Trousers: Tailored trousers are required. Denim Jeans, cargo pants, camouflaged design trousers and tracksuit bottoms are not permitted.
- Shorts: must be tailored and of a bermuda type design. Beach shorts, cargo pants, swimming trunks or other sports shorts are not permitted
- Men’s Shirts: must have collar and sleeves (long or short). T-Shirts and Rugby/Football Shirts carrying logos, slogans, numbers or illustrations are not permitted.
- Ladies Shirts: must wear collared shirts without sleeves or sleeved shirts without collar.
- Shoes: Golf shoes can be of a classical or modern design with rubber or silicon spikes. Trainers, sandals, flip flops or metal spiked golf shoes are not permitted under any circumstances.

Starting times:

Check with the Pro-Shop the tee-time intervals as it may vary depending on the season (generally between 8´-10´). Each tee time is made as 4 balls, therefore players reserving 1, 2 or 3 balls must expect to be paired up with other persons.


Drivers must be of a minimum age of 16. A maximum of two persons and two golf bags per buggy are permitted. On the tee area, buggies must be kept on the buggy path. Buggies may be driven on the fairways and rough but always respecting the buggy signs.

Pace of play:

Players who have a high handicap will be allowed to play subject to availability and at a time which does not intrude on other players. If a player holds up the pace of play and refuses to let faster players through, they may be asked to leave the course. The course should be played in under 4½ hours.

If you wish have any queries regarding these Rules, please ask the golf department or check the General Rules available at the Pro-shop.

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