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How to prevent golf injuries

From outside golf, that Scottish gentleman's Olympic sport, appears to be a relaxed, tranquil and low physical demanding sport. And if not, there we have Brooks Koepka that, without wanting casually adds success after success in the Grand Slam tournaments. Nevertheless, the risk of suffering injuries exists and you must take it into account how to prevent them. Perhaps you have already reserved green fees for next weekend: 18 holes, around 6 kilometres route, approximately 4 hours of play and anywhere between 70 and 120 strokes. We aren't talking about a walk in the park. So, with these amounts, are we still thinking that it's difficult to injure oneself playing golf?

Most frequent injuries for golf players

Golfers make asymmetric movements, specially on the drive.  If we repeat this motion always in the same direction, over and over again, if we aren't careful we can damage our back. Also, this is a rotational movement, a motion that is specifically damaging to the intervertebral discs and sacroiliac joints.

Do you know how may muscles we have to move to make that swing that cost you so much to perfect? Well none less than 124. All of those muscles must coordinate to create the movement. It's truly an error to think that because it is a slow rhythm game and it isn't a contact sport, that there is no possibility to injure oneself. The following are some of the most frequent injuries that can occur in golf:

Sinew tears 

Tendinitis in wrist and hand

Epicondylitis, also known as golfers/tennis elbow

Tendinitis in shoulder

Cervical lesions and lumbagos

Tendinitis in Achilles heel

Herniated discs

5 Recommendations to prevent golf injuries

Have you already reserved your green fees? Well reserve 15 minutes prior to warm up! It is one of the most important recommendations to prevent golf injuries. But we have a few more:

  1. Perfect your technique. The rougher the stroke, higher the chance your articulations will resist. Amateur golfers tend to exert too much strength in the movement, when all that is required to strike a good stroke is, above all, speed. (If you don't know how, we explained it all in our last post). Accomplishing a great technique and having a good instructor are prime puzzle pieces in preventing golf injuries
  2. Try to stay hydrated. Good hydration facilitates the flow of blood with oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. We can take around four hours to complete 18 holes. Four hours of outdoor sport requires good hydration to diminish the possibilities of suffering, for example, tendinitis. If we are also talking of playing this sport in the summer then with much more motive.
  3. Care for your physical form. The better your general physical state is in, the higher your golf club performance. It isn't necessary to have voluminous muscles to play golf, but it is true that the stronger and more toned, lesser probabilities of resistance from them.
  4. Take special care of your elbow. Have you heard of golfers elbow? Well it is the most common golf injury. Without going into too much detail, it's basically inflammation of the tendons on the muscles that are in charge of continuously flexing your wrist. At elbow height, where the tendons are, is where most pain will be felt. To prevent this it is recommended to strengthen the forearm muscles. 
  5. Stretches. Be aware that your job on the green doesn't end at the last hole. When you conclude the game, stretch out the parts of your body that you have used the most, like your wrists and back.

The treatment for most golf injuries is rest and temporary abandonment of practicing this sport. So, if you want to continue playing golf this season and for much longer, follow our recommendations. If you understand this, all you have to do is book your green fees on our website. Are you coming alone or with friends?

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